F19 Women’s Line


The 2019 K2 Women's Snowboard Collection offers fresh perspective on women's snowboarding. K2 wanted to elevate women's snowboard product, relating with a new consumer while retaining their current consumer base. We were tasked with communicating this vision.


The design and execution of the women's snowboard collection was a major project spanning the better part of 12 months. The collection went through a rigorous overhaul, as K2 continues its shift towards contemporary women's product. This project showcases elements of the snowboard product design process. Below are visual references that were used in the preliminary phases to showcase the consumer research and graphic direction - for proprietary purposes complete consumer research data will not be disclosed.

Graphic development begins once consumer research and general graphic direction has been approved. 'Diverse union' was a key component in designing each boards individuality, while simultaneously unifying them as a family.



2019 La Sierra University Alumni Exhibition 


Outline Graphic Development


Consumer Focused Direction.

The Outline user is refined and a seasoned snowboarder - constantly seeking new challenges and a board that is designed to keep up. The customer tends to be an avid outdoor enthusiast, with deep ties to activities that promote bonds with nature.

  • Free and flexible in activity
  • Driven by design
  • Patagucci Conservationist

Consumer Focused Ideation & Mood.

k2_1920_outline_top k2_1920_outline_base

Approved Graphic Concept.

Wildheart Graphic Development


Consumer Focused Direction.

The Wildheart user is 'savage' - both in spirit and as a snowboarder. The customer tends to be on trend with art, music and pop culture, but keeps an ear to subculture. Current mood – stuck between idk and idc.

  • Radical Opacity
  • Driven by street culture
  • 'The Navy'

Consumer Focused Ideation & Mood.

k2_1920_wildheart_top k2_1920_wildheart_base

Approved Graphic Concept.

Brightlite Graphic Development


Consumer Focused Direction.

The Brightlite user is a chic adventurer. The customer tends to appreciate the intersection of mass market and pop culture.

  • An Urban Outfitter
  • Driven by pop culture
  • Glossier

Consumer Focused Ideation & Mood.

k2_1920_bright-lite k2_1920_bright-lite_base

Approved Graphic Concept.

First lite Graphic Development


Consumer Focused Direction.

The Firstlite user is '100% human'. The customer tends to be new to the snowboard scene but brought the whole crew for some fun. Lives on stories and avoids FB for it's over-saturation of parents. Lives in that moment when you make a group of friends outside of your family and they become more important than your family.

  • Instinctive
  • Driven by friends
  • Safe

Consumer Focused Ideation & Mood.

k2_1920_first-lite_top k2_1920_first-lite_base

Approved Graphic Concept.

Lime lite Graphic Development


Consumer Focused Direction.

The Lime Lite user is a skater. The customer is down for the crew, tweets progressive ideals, views skating as therapy and listens to hip hop. Posers are not welcomed.

  • Wild Card
  • Driven by skate culture
  • Brujas

Consumer Focused Ideation & Mood.

k2_1920_lime-lite_top k2_1920_lime-lite_base

Approved Graphic Concept.


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